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Our Programs

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Advocacy for girl-child education

Advocacy for girl-child education

The Foundation believes that no child should be denied the right to receive formal education, especially in a world that is growing complex and extremely challenging. WBF views education as a key factor in poverty eradication.

We seek to promote the rights of every individual, child or adult, to an appropriate education, including the rights of those with visual, auditory, developmental and physical challenges. The Foundation has embarked upon a data collection exercise towards a major capacity building programme in selected educational institutions throughout Kwara State in conjunction with project partners, Village Earth, and CAHI.

The following programmes have been running ever since:

Al-Muwahideen Nursery - Primary School, Ori-Oke, Ilorin
(A WellBeing Foundation Literacy / Numeracy Initiative)

Al-Muwahideen Nursery - Primary School

Al-Muwahideen Nursery - Primary School

In line with our bottom-up approach to development and with active participation of Ori Oke Community members, WBF sponsored this pilot initiative to address illiteracy in faith – based educational institutions. This school was constructed and equipped by the WellBeing Foundation, which made provision for capacity building and the provision of a Sports Field and other facilities. This unique initiative provides full Universal Basic Education simultaneously with the popular Quranic Education, thereby ensuring potential of independent thought alongside received religious instruction donated to and operated by members of the recipient community.

Our continued involvement is restricted to capacity building upon request. The School is already self-sustaining, built, owned, and operated by the parents and community, WBF having paid for all costs.

The Foundation hopes to extend this unique initiative, by encouraging the numerous existing Quranic schools to partake in receiving trained teachers for the delivery of Universal Basic Education, and other capacity building and regulatory strategies.

Kwara State School for Special Needs, Ilorin (A WellBeing Foundation Education Intervention)

A day and residential facility for 450 students between the ages of four and 18 years. Intake is distributed easily between the blind, the deaf and dumb and the mentally / developmentally retarded. The contributions and support for the Kwara State School for Special Needs, Ilorin , Kwara State have significantly impacted upon the lives of the children. Contributions and support for this school include:

2010 Donation for Special Needs Schools

2010 Donation for Special Needs Schools

Braille Machine

Braille Machine

  • Purchase and provision of a modern coach 30-seater Coaster Bus with to convey the children to and from school, and on outings
  • Donation of 3 Braille machines
  • Financial donation towards construction of modern kitchen and dining facilities
  • Donation of Raincoats to entire school population for use during the raining season
  • Donation of drinking water facilities for use during the school day

WBF has embarked on a major funding drive to bring this institution in line with modern special educational needs teaching practice, infrastructure support and pastoral care. .


WBF established a scholarship scheme for indigent students in Kwara State; assists students through the purchase and donation of examination entry forms and also awards an annual HIV/AIDS scholarship for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). READ MORE >>

Annual Scrabble Competition

In 2004, The WellBeing Foundation in conjunction with the Nigeria Scrabble Federation introduced a Scrabble Initiative to secondary schools in Kwara State as a literacy and numeracy enhancement tool. Since then the foundation has annually sponsored the Toyin Saraki Scrabble tournament involving schools from all the local government areas in the state.

The Annual Moot Court Trials

The foundation established the WBF Annual Moot and Mock Trial Competition in 2005. The initiative is meant to educate and train future Nigerian lawyers from universities across all the six geo political zones in the country. WBF has also sponsored Nigeria students to take part in Moot Court Competitions abroad, Tanzania and South Africa being the most recent. The Moot Court Competition, apart from educating the young lawyers in courtroom fundamentals, also offers a very singular opportunity for exchange between Africa law faculties in Nigeria and around the world.

Other interventions in Education

Advocacy visit to Kwara State University (KWASU) and its Virtual Library

Advocacy visit to Kwara State University (KWASU) and its Virtual Library

Schools Furniture Program

Schools Furniture Program

  • The Foundation flagged off the Kwara State Girl-Child Education Campaign with UNICEF in 2004, and has since then undertaken intensive advocacy on Girl-child education throughout Kwara State, independently.

  • The Foundation supported the establishment of a Crèche facility at the University of Ilorin by National Association of Women Academics NAWACS, with the donation of educational toys and materials.

  • Continual donations of textbooks and educational materials to schools throughout the 16 Local Government Areas in Kwara State, Nigeria.

  • Financial Donation towards the repairs of classroom roofs at Kulende Primary School, Ilorin, Kwara State.

  • Sponsorship of sports clubs in primary and secondary institutions.

  • Sponsorship of Drama and Debating clubs in some secondary and tertiary institutions.

  • Distribution of school furniture and equipment schools in all the local government areas of the state.

  • Sponsorship of children to French speaking competition in conjunction with Alliance Francais, Ilorin.

Future plans include formal and vocational skills acquisition centre at WellBeing Resource Access Units and Flagship Service Centre.