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Wellbeing Foundation Africa Featured on Radio Continental in Live Interview to Discuss Maternal Mortality

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

WBF Radio Continental Interview In honour of International Women’s Day, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa was invited to feature on Radio Continental’s ‘Woman’s Own’ talk show on Sunday, the 11th of March 2012 at 7pm in a live interview to discuss the topic of maternal mortality. As a leading Africa-focused NGO at the forefront of Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) advocacy on a global platform, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is dedicated to sustainably developing communities, building capacities, and empowering women across the continent. With the dispersion of tools such as the WBFAIMNCH Personal Health Record©, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa has improved the lives of women by providing them with a documented record of their medical conditions, every stage in their pregnancy, and the life of their child for the first 5 years. This serves to reduce the maternal mortality rate as it gives women the opportunity to receive prompt, targeted, live-saving care from accurately informed health professionals. Through sustained and accelerated action, the Wellbeing Foundation Africa is also committed to achieving the 2015 Millennium Development Goals 3, 4,and 5 which focus on promoting gender equality and women empowerment, reducing child mortality, and improving maternal health through numerous grassroots initiatives which partner community groups with the private sector. Radio Continental’s ‘Woman’s Own,’ a program that steadfastly uplifts women, is commended for its efforts in choosing to focus on the critical issue of maternal mortality which accounts for the loss of approximately one million lives in Nigeria annually. Through interviews with organizations such as the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Radio Continental is touching lives by harnessing much needed media engagement and participation in Maternal Newborn and Child Health. Representing the Wellbeing Foundation in Sunday’s live interview was Dr. Alero Ann Roberts (BSc MBBS MPH FMCPH), renowned paediatric and community health specialist and member of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa Advisory Board. In the accompanying interview recording, Dr. Roberts made the following key points on the topic of maternal mortality while discussing with Ms.FunmiFasunloye, the program presenter: 1. The Wellbeing Foundation strongly advocates for health service that women can trust will deliver for them. There needs to be universal access to effective, affordable health care that provides a continuum of care from the womb to the tomb – maternal, newborn, child, adolescent, adult and elderly. 2. The Wellbeing Foundation recognizes the need for strategic partnerships to deliver on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Given that the government cannot do it alone, there needs to be engagement of civil society and private sector organizations in a systematic and sustainable manner, using innovative financing schemes to actualize pro-poor policies; transitioning them from paper to practice. 3. The Wellbeing Foundation knows the way and manner to engage women at the grassroots, giving women a voice and a platform to demand their health, education and welfare rights so that they can deliver for the nation and not die doing so. 4. The Wellbeing Foundation encourages all pregnant women and mothers of young children to insist on their Personal Health Record©, which empowers them to get effective health care, and makes the government accountable for resources deployed to maternal, newborn and child health at local, state and federal level. 5. Lastly, the Wellbeing Foundation calls for all like-minded people to join hands and make a stand against the needless deaths of mothers and their infants and demand the full implementation of all strategies designed to enhance the survival of Every Woman, Every Child. Kindly take time to listen to the accompanying recording and contribute to the discussion on reducing maternal mortality. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa applauses the efforts of ‘Woman’s Own’ in creating awareness of this important issue and encourages the media to play a role in prioritizing Maternal Newborn and Child Health. The Foundation welcomes ideas and the opportunity to partner together in this regard as media engagement is an essential component to addressing the challenges facing women and children in Nigeria daily.


Dr. Alero Roberts

Dr. Alero Roberts

Dr Roberts started her professional medical career in private practice in 1985, rising from medical officer to hospital administrator of a private hospital in Lagos. After completing her MPH in 2000, she returned to academic life joining the University of Lagos as a lecturer in the then Institute of Primary Health Care, which has since evolved into the Department of Community Health and Primary Care. She has trained medical, dental and post-basic nursing students in her specialty – maternal, newborn and child health and has been involved in the practice of community care in rural communities in Lagos and Ogun states. She has been involved at several times in the training of medical and healthcare workers at state and federal levels, conducting workshops and training seminars for Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and the Federal Ministry of Health.

She served a short stint as personal assistant to Prof Grange, one-time Minister of Health of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She is presently the technical consultant for Stronghold Support Services, a healthcare sector support and logistics company presently involved in the development of the personal health record book, a tool designed to improve health information management at point of care for pregnant women and children under five. She serves on several boards including the Wellbeing Foundation, a non-governmental organisation globally renowned for advocating for universal access to effective and affordable health care for mothers and children.
Her research interests include developmental delays and learning difficulties, home and community-based management of childhood illnesses and sustainable capacity-building of healthcare professionals.